The author donning a fabulous tweed cap

Hi! My name’s Mark Wubben. I build products and teams that build products. In the above picture I’m wearing a fabulous Irish tweed cap. You could send me an email.

Having grown up in the Netherlands I’ve lived in Copenhagen and London, though now I’m in the Netherlands again. I enjoy cycling & walking, decent beer or whisky, coffee and cake, podcasts and TV shows. Oddly enough my favorite musicians hail from Canada.

Skills & Background

I’ve been working with the web professionally for over fifteen years. Initially a front-end engineer I’m now interested in backend systems, JavaScript tooling and product development. Currently I work as principal product engineer at Monolith.

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I’m the lead maintainer of AVA, a Node.js test runner. I also maintain several other Node.js modules.


I post the occasional tweet or photo. I’m on GitHub and Keybase.